Feed your brain. Keep your body healthy.


Feed your brain. Keep your body healthy.

Keep healthy during your lockdown by feeding your brain and body healthy food. Foods high in Omega 3 and 6 such as salmon are great brain food.

Having a healthy diet makes it easier for you to concentrate and focus on tasks, increases your mood and energy levels, and decreases the risk of developing conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

Our service is perfect for students and people with a busy lifestyle, especially those in a local lockdown who don't want to spend money on takeaways.

Simple carbs vs Complex carbs


Carbohydrates play a major part as one of your body's primary sources of energy. Carbohydrates can be split into two different categories: simple and complex. You may have already heard that eating complex carbs is better than simple carbs, but you don’t always know which are simple and which are complex.

Simple carbs are sugars and are added into everyday food items. These include:

Brown sugar
Corn syrup
Raw sugar
Glucose, sucrose and fructose
Fruit juice concentrate

Try to avoid these carbs and find some healthy alternatives which will help you maintain your healthy lifestyle. Some foods to avoid are:

Sweet treats
Fruit juice
Fizzy drinks

Complex carbs contain more nutrients compared to simple carbs. They digest more slowly and are much higher in fiber. This means they’re more filling and give you more energy throughout the day while keeping you less hungry. Complex carbs are also ideal for people with type 2 diabetes as they help manage blood sugar levels after meals. Simply Prep offer a wide range of complex carbs including:

Protein pancakes
Overnight Oats & Berries
Protein porridge
Brown rice
Sweet potatoes
New potatoes
5 bean chilli

It has been a while!


Well, it certainly has been a long time!

How things have changed over the past few months. As a company we have been very busy over lockdown, our meals have been helping people stay healthy over the last few months. We have all worked tirelessly over lockdown to meet all demands, my team have been outstanding during these trying times. I am sure we will agree during the pandemic having a healthy diet has proven to be paramount.

We have introduced some new menu items such as lasagne and Thai green curry. As well as having a macro calculator now on the website which will help you when deciding healthy meal combinations we are now labelling all meals with the nutritional breakdown. This has been something many of you have been asking for, so we are pleased it is now live.

Over the next few months we are going to be introducing an A la Carte menu, which will be a selection of healthygourmet type ready meals.

I would like to thank all our new and old customers for their on going support during the pandemic, it has been a testing time for us all and it is so good to see our healthy meals are helping so many of you. As a business owner I am extremley grateful!

Well untill next time, stay safe and healthy and if you have any questions please email me...

Much Love 

Lou xx


Strange Times We Live In......


Well the world we live in has certainly changed over the past few weeks, I hope you are all safe, well and staying home!

During this difficult time keeping in shape has become somewhat of a challenge to say the least. It is important now more than ever to keep our bodies well nourished and boost our immune system. Therefore using a meal delivery service during this crisis has so many advantages; No need to risk going out to the supermarkets, order from the comfort of your home, with our handy service you can build your own meals- great for even the fussiest eaters! And all this delivered to your doorstep..

 We are still operational during this time, we have stringent hygiene practices in place as standard and our staff are working 2 metres apart.  We have added extra delivery days too.

Our courier is operating using contactless delivery and if you are local to Solihull or Coventry we can deliver on a next day service, again using a contactless delivery system. 

We have also added some new items to our menu. 

We are supporting local NHS workers and those isolated. If you fall into this category please email myself and I will issue a personal discount code.

Hopefully we will come out of this soon.

I wish you all love and thankyou again for your support!

Lou x


New Packaging


As a Mother, fellow earthling and planet conscious business owner I try on a daily basis to make small decisions that help save the planet, or least contribute!
Obviously within our business the use of plastic containers for the food is questionable, however they can be recycled and reused, and if you are local to our HQ I will take them and recycle them. 
However the packaging was a different matter and one that bugged me for ages. It has taken a while but I am pleased to announce I will be rolling out over the next week, new FULLY recyclable packaging which can be recycled kerbside with your normal weekly rubbish collection. These will be used for orders up to 15 meals at the moment, as I am yet to find a suitable one for the larger orders, but I am looking!! Hope you will agree this is a step in the right direction for both Simply Prep and yourselves when doing As a Mother, fellow earthling and planet conscious business owner I try on a daily basis to make small decisions that help save the planet, or least contribute!
Obviously within our business the use of plastic containers for the food is questionable, however they can be recycled and reused, and if you are local to our HQ I will take them and recycle them. 
However the packaging was a different matter and one that bugged me for ages. It has taken a while but I am pleased to announce I will be rolling out over the next week, new FULLY recyclable packaging which can be recycled kerbside with your normal weekly rubbish collection. These will be used for orders up to 15 meals at the moment, as I am yet to find a suitable one for the larger orders, but I am looking!! Hope you will agree this is a step in the right direction for both Simply Prep and yourselves when doing our bit for our planet and its future!bit for our planet and its future!

Much Love as always!



Keeping it real!


During January the whole 'New year, new me' sets in. We set out to become healthier, happier and fitter, however so many people seem to forget these resolutions as quick as they make them. Why is that?

In my opinion it is the goals are not realistic. For example " I am going to the gym six times this week" or "I'm going to lose 4lbs a week"

Both these targets are unrealistic, so once a trip to the gym is missed or fat loss target is not reached we immediately feel we have failed and then give up. Goals need to be attainable not impossible or difficlut!!

I have enlisted the help of a personal trainer, as my life is also very busy and fitting in gym sessions and healrthy eating has become difficult. Not a great advert for my brand!! Anyway she has taught me the SMART process: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timed. So I am working out twice a week with my trainer (I need to be held accountable) and once alone. I have aloso joined a running club with a friend in an attempt to move more (more fun runs than marathons) I have set realistic goals that are attainable.

With regards to fat loss, my target is 1-2lbs a week, as recommended. So I can still enjoy eating out (one of my passions!) I have stopped weighing myslef daily as I know my weight will fluctuate over the week and also the numbers on the scale do not tell the whole story.

I am of course prepping my own meals and sticking to my macros. Meal prep is a fantastic way to help you stay focused and reach goals. Having my fridge full of healthy macro counted meals has helped me all week. As I am so busy it has taken the stress out of what to eat.

Using a meal prep service such as Simply Prep meals will aid your goals, we have a huge selection of healthy balanced items which you can build your own meals to specification. I will be adding more vegan items to the menu very soon!

Happy New Year!


Fad Diets...


I have lots of emails from customers who ask for advice on either very restricted diet plans or diets that cut out certain food groups.

Although these diets may result in dramatic and rapid weight loss initaially, We all know that quick fixes and fad diets do not work long term. 

Many people are convinced that rapid weigfht loss is the way forward, but such plans or diets are often not sustainable and will envariably lead to regaining the weight. In fact we should be looking for a longer more sustainable lifestyle change and  retraining our brains and attitudes.

Creating bad, good or even easy habits can be addictive by nature, but when it comes to creating long term lifestyle chamges we should be seeking only positive ones. I think it is important to be self aware and look at your strengths and weaknesses when adjusting your diet and lifestyle whilst realising that it’s a long-term commitment and changes will not occur overnight.

There are many reasons that meal prepping is considered the best practice to maintain a healthy diet and more importantly sustainable one. Here are just a few!

Removes Temptation:

Ever been hit with hunger and have nothing on hand to eat? Yes, that probably happens most days. So if the only option is fast food, calorie laden meal deals or sugary snacks. Using a Meal prep delivery service ensures you always have options that fit your dietary needs because you’ve planned in advance and this makes sticking to your diet significantly easier. 


Whether you are using a meal prep delivery service or cooking your own meals, you are planning wat to eat in advance. You get to be a total control. You gain complete calorie control and macro balance,  You are also ensuring you get the best-quality options and more fresh ingredients because you are selecting them yourself.    

Time Saving

Using a meal prep delivery service for your healthy meals will above all save you time. There will be no more pre-chopping ingredients or cook all your meals for the week each Sunday afternoon. You’ll be thankful you don’t have to take the time to go to the supermarket or perhaps even cook. This may leave you with more time to go to the gym, chill out or spend your time as you wish.   

And of course we must also remember that above all the objective in fat loss is to create a calorie deficit, which is a basic equation: what calories are consumed must equate less than calories burned, it is really that simple.

As always any questions then just email myself at




Benefits of Beans


I have noticed over the past few months a trend in customers which are meat eaters opting for 'Meat free days' with their meal prep delivery and choosing from our vegetarian options. As I have previously discussed we are in the process of adding more vegetarian options. Today I have added Burrito Boxes to our extras menu, perfect for lunches or on the go snacks. High in protein and complex carbs and packed full of flavour. A blend of beans, sewwtcorn, roast peppers, salsa and rice. Can be eaten hot or cold.

There is a chicken and vegan option, and whereas in the past it was once thought vegetarians could not get complete protein from plant sources, we now know that not to be true. For example our vegan burrito box contains 2 different types of beans and rice, when these are mixed together they form a complete protein the same as chicken or any other meat.

So, inline with the release of our Vegan Burrito Box I thought today I would share some interesting facts about Beans:

1. They are high in complex carbs amd fibre which will help lower cholesterol in the blood.

2. Great for diabetics as they are low on the GI index, keeping blood sugar content balanced.

3. Improve memory due to the high Vitamin B1 content which help towards healthy cognitive functions. Beneficial in slowing Alzhemiers and dementia.

4. Powerhouse of protein, especially when eaten with rice.

5. Boost immunity as they are full of antioxident properties.

6. Great for tissue repair as packed with vitamin B6

7. The managnese content boosts energy and metabolism.

8. Great for fat loss!

Within your meal prep for the week why not include a few meat free options?

Still working on more vegetarian prep food options and other ideas, as always of you have any feedback or ideas just shout!! Plus it is our Birthday very soon so watch out for some exciting promotions!

Much love as always...




News update from Simply Prep


I have been busy in our development kitchen creating new summer items for you to enjoy.

During our market research I have discovered the new trend it seems is our customers, although still meat eaters, are ordering a requesting more non meat meal prep items. Therefore, I am busy creating vegan and vegetarian options for meal prep. I appreciate these can at times seem bland or boring so I have signed up for a meat free month so I can discover and create new, tasty options. I have added tofu fajitas, which can be enjoyed by vegans and meat eaters alike, they are amazing...Plus all our devout carnivore staff are really enjoying them! They come complete with lime, salsa and jalepenos!

Along with the the new vegetarian options I have added summer seasoned chicken thighs, grilled and served with fresh lemon and chicken fajitas too, perfect additions to your meal prep.

We have also been asked during our market research where are chicken is sourced, also do we use precooked chicken strips? At Simply Prep we only use 100% whole fresh chicken breast, which we season with our own spices (created by myself) and grill for for maximum flavour. Our curry, chilli and turkey bolgnese are freshly made as are our burgers and meatballs, we even make our own tomato sauce. We believe in using quality ingredients. 

I am striving always to make meal prep simple, tasty and affordable. Delivery is always free.

At present not only am I working on not eating meat but a new gourmet menu, and recycling plan, So watch this space!! Any questions please email myself direct on

Much love!



Latest news from Simply Prep


Hi! Well it has been a while, we have had a record breaking first quater here at Simply Prep and that is thanks to all our loyal customers, so a big THANK YOU to you all!

Over the past few months we have made a few changes; more noticibly the packaging and branding has changed slightly. I am sure you will agree it is much better. We are busy working away creating new summer menu items as well as some new plans.

Some big news is that we were approached by Coventry City FC as they were looking for something new and fresh for their catering needs, and I am pleased to annouce Simply Prep Meals are now the caterers for the club. It has been an exciting and very busy period getting everything organised but I am happy to say all has gone well for both the club and ourselves, so we are looking forward to the start of the new season!

Over the past few months we have also spent alot of time doing market research into meal prep and more specifically the type of services that are on offer, this not only helps us improve our service for the customer but gives us an insight into other avenues. More from this will be revealed over the  next few weeks.

Summer is just around the corner, so time to get that summer body ready or even just switch to some healthier choices....I am here to help you with whatever your goals, so if you have any questions then please email me direct on

Until next time which  I promise will not be so long!!


Increasing your NEAT!


In this ever increasing sedetary life we lead, making small daily changes that can help burn extra calories is a good way to help lose exta pounds.

Spring is nearly here which means summer will soon follow therefore one way to help lose any extra pounds would be to increase your NEAT. What is NEAT? It is non-exercise activity thermogenisis. It is any activity that is added to your daily routine outside of the gym that can help you in the long run.

So, you add some daily habits that help you burn more calories throughout your day. So for example if you burned an extra 100 calories a day of extra activity into your life , you would burn an extra 700 calories a week.

Here are some examples of NEAT to help you burn those extra calories:


Walking is an activity we can all fit in to our daily lives. All that we have to do is increase the number of steps we walk everyday and over time the extra energy used will come from our fat stores. Good ways are taking a walk during lunch hour or parking the car further away in the supermarket carpark.


Doing the household chores is a great form of exercise. I try to challenge myself to see how fast i can clean the bathroom or vac through the house. Even washing the car rather than taking it to a car wash!

Take the stairs.

This is one of the simpliest ways to increease NEAT. Rather than take the lift, take the stairs. I personally walk up the stairs 2 at a time...

Basically, its about moving more!


Latest news from our HQ


Here we are into 2019, entering our 3rd year as a company. New year is always a time for reflection and as a company we have come such a long way since our humble begininings in 25 meter squared freezing cold hut attached to a gym! And we intend to strive for more this year. 

We have been busy over January not only preparing thousands of meal prep orders for the public but improving the brand, our meals are now stocked in a gym in Birmingham, Ironworks and we are working closely with other brands.

We are aware in the past some customers have been having issues with the plastic containers breaking during transit. Although this is beyond our control with heavy handed courier drivers, but as the owner of the company customer satisfaction is paramount to myself. Let's face it noone wants to spend money on meal prep only to recieve the order and have lost a couple of meals due to the boxes breaking, not only have you lost money but meals  too, which could seriously affect your weekly goals! For myself too, we are meticulous in the kitchen that every meal is sent out to our high standard, it is extrememly frustating to receive emails from my customers informing me of broken containers. So last week I sourced and invested in a much stronger product, which I am hoping will eradicate this problem. I will continue to strive to completely  ensure there are no more issues with containers.  Also, please do not forget these containers and the labels are fully recyclable.

Onto the menu, I am aware of the demand for eating more plant based proteins, I am myself eating twice a week protein from such source. I am in the process of developing more vegetarian/vegan options. Hopefully I will have these live within the next few weeks.

Our extras menu is live now, full of healthy snacks and more will  be added soon!

Stay focused, stay on track!

If you have any questions or ideas, please dont hesitate to contact me on I'll be more than happy to hear from you!



Christmas is coming!


Tis the season to be jolly! With less than 3 weeks til the big day we thought is would be fitting to offer a discount on 3 of our most popular plans.

We appreciate it is hard to stick to a diet or meal plan at this time of year, so we are hear to help!

So before the over indulgence starts give your body a head start and order either our low carb, fat loss plan or muscle builder and use code XMAS and you will recieve a 10% discount. With these 3 plans all the hard work is done for you, they are specifically designed to be nutritionally balanced as well as tasty and so convenient. It is difficult to stick to a plan when you are not organised, so we take that stress from you. No shopping, cooking or weighing out food and no washing up!! Giving you more time to smash your goals, relax or go Christmas shopping. Check out our plans here: And remember with Simply Prep delivery is always free.

Over the next 2 weeks we will be sending out Christmas presents to our customers! 

Plus watch this space for some exciting news regarding new products.....

Our last orders before Christmas is Friday 21st December and we resume deliveries in 2019 on Friday 4th January.

New Items Coming Soon!


It has been an amazing year at Simply Prep and it is not over yet!

Behind the scenes our director and founder Lou is busy creating new dishes for our menu. Lou has managed the kitchen since the beginning, and with her amazing team produce hundreds & hundreds of meals daily which are distributed around the country. We are pleased to anounce the launch of our low carb fat loss plan Perfect for those waching their carb intake, these are 10 carefully created low carb meals that will save you not only money but time too.

Over the week, just in time for the colder weather,we will be  protein porridge in 2 amazing flavours, we are finalising these recipes as we speak. Also very soon our line of clean treats will be launched, in line with all our other products these will be hand made by Lou using only the finest ingredients.

Due to the the success of our Simply Roast dinner, we will be rolling out some traditional British comfort food in line with your macros!

Exciting times ahead! 

We would love to hear from you if you have any ideas or maybe something you would like to see on the menu?

Protein Power!


Protein is the building blocks of our entire body, it repairs tissues, builds muscle, makes hormones that are essential for growth and metabolism. Whether your aim is to build lean muscle or just aim to be healthy, getting adequate amounts of protein from good sources is paramount.

Protein is found in many foods such as meat, fish, eggs, diary, nuts and even grains.

Our meal prep plans such as our Fat Loss and Muscle Builder provide a specific amount of good quality protein required for each individual plan. All our other prep and fitness food use high quality protein in meals that you can tailor to your own specific requirements to meet your goals.

Tips to help you with your protein intake:

1. Eat a protein rich meal after a workout, this will help your muscles and body recover quickly and repair torn muscle fibres which aid in muscle growth.

2. Space out your protein intake. When meal prepping, try to spread your intake over the course of the day. The body can only digest a certain amount of protein, so once you have your required daily amount simply divide by the amount of meals required. Simply Prep's build your own meal plan is perfect for this we do all the hard work for you! Just click here:

3. Choose good quality lean protein sources. We have a wide range of lean protein, we use only British meat which is fully traceable. Some meat may add water to increase the weight, this will lead to a decrease in the protein content, which will affect your macros. You can be sure we never use meat with added water or fillers We also have a range of vegetarian protein products too.

4. Eat more fish. not only is fish a great source of protein, but fish such as salmon, tuna and sardines are rich in essential fatty acids such as omega 6 and 3 and white fish such as tilapia is very lean, perfect for those cutting.

By using our meal prep delivery service you can be sure your fitness food will have the correct amount of good quality to help you reach your goals whatever they may be. If you have a specific diet plan or need help with macros then just email me on and I will do my best to help!

Healthy Eating


A healthy diet has benefits beyond maintaining weight or weight loss. A diet rich in lean protein, fruit, vegetables,complex carbs and nuts has so many other positives beyong weight management. The secret is preparation. All walks of life could benefit from meal prep.

Fewer cravings!!

A diet rich in complex carbohydrates rather than simple carbs will have a lesser inpact of blood sugar levels. This leads to less sugar crashes an naturally less cravings to induldge in sugary foods. Complex carbs such as brown rice and sweet potatoes will not only help keep you fuller for longer, but are packed with healthy antioxidents, vitamins and minerals. Complex carbs are the perfect in a preworkout meal.


Better enduance and quicker recovery time!

" You can't out train a bad diet"  "70% Diet, 30% Gym" "Abs are made in the kitchen" 

Whether in the gym, in magazine articles or online we can't escape these sayings. It is no secret that a healthy diet is the key to success in the gym. Without an adequate supply of protein lean muscle just will  not grow, with a well balanced healthy diet will aid in quicker recovery time and your goals will be reached sooner too.


Be happier!!

Eating less refined sugar and more fruit and vegetables is proven to improve mood and wellbeing. Kale for example has more calcium than milk and is rich in phytonutrients which help ease inflammation and improve liver detox ability.  Bananas, tomatoes, pinapples and kiwi contain high amounts of serotonin which improves mood.

Healthy eating and meal prep doesn't have to be complicated or even expensive. Check out or range of ready built plans here. We have a plan whatever your goals are...such as buiding muscle, fat loss or even low carb plans. Our fitness food and diet meals are cooked fresh daily and delivered cool and free to your door!





Diet meals and weight loss packages delivered


Dieting is no easy task, especially after a long day at work or a hard session at the gym. The last thing any of us want to do is start putting together a healthy meal. At this point we often search for quick solutions: maybe a takeaway or ready meal- which will certainly start to undo your hard work and efforts. Besides, I'm sure I can speak for most of us in saying we are trying to cut unhealthy food from our diet.

At Simply Prep Meals we know constantly hitting your food goals is a task in itself, so we have eliminated everything from the thinking about what to buy right down to preparing, weighing and even washing up! By, having your diet meals delivered.

Our packages come in 2 formats, you can build your own diet meals; by choosing combinations that fit with your daily calorie allowance or you can choose one of our fat loss packages - which are specifically tailor made for fat loss. Either way these diet meals will give you exactly what your body needs, especially after a strenuous workout.

Having your healthy diet meals delivered to your door is a service that will save you not only time but above all avoid temptation.

Our diet meal delivery service is convenient and time saving, simply order your diet meals online at your leisure and we will deliver them cool and fresh to your door. Our diet meals are healthy, we have created all our seasonings and sauces ourselves,  so no hidden nasties. Everything is pre-measured, we weigh everything so you don't have to, plus, we provide a full nutritional breakdown of all our meals so, you know exactly what you are eating. Also our wide variety of healthy diet meal combinations  means there's also less chance of getting bored and more chance of sticking to your diet.

Make dieting that bit easy by having your diet meals delivered today, and with Simply Prep Meals delivery is always free! Check out our packages on our order page..


Eat Your Greens!


"Eat Your Greens!"

Who didn't hear that as a child? As we all know now that was good advice, so whether you sneak green leafy veg into a smoothie or toss them in a salad or enjoy them in one of our healthy ready to eat meals. Green leafy veg boast loads of benefits...Here's a few...

1. They keep us looking young....packed with vitamin K, which is crucial in preventing age-related conditions, such as bone fagility and cardiovascular disease. A 100 gram portion of kale contains four times the RDA of vitamin k!

2. Lower cholesterol by binding with bile acid to help aid digestion of fats. 

3. Aid eye health as they are packed full of carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthan which filter high energy light which may cause eye damage.

4. Help fuel your body due to the high content of B vitamins-which help convert carbs from food into energy.

5.Packed full of calcium which is great for bone health.

6. Help prevent colon cancer due to their fibrous texture and content.

Just one of our healthy meals with Kale would give you a great start to getting your in take of  green leafy veg up, if your not a great fan try our breakfast fritatta where we carefully blend them with roast peppers....



The benefits of using a food prep delivery service


The benefits of buying healthy meals online.


This time of year, the days are just getting busier and busier. Work, school, studying, housework, exercise and relaxation all have to somehow be crammed into 24 hours, and sometimes meal skipping becomes a reality. When you’re that busy, who has the time to buy ingredients and prepare a meal with precise nutritional values that coincides with your regular diet?


Here at Simply Prep, we aim to provide the best quality meals, all packaged, prepared and ready for delivery to your door step, all through our online ordering service. Buying healthy meals online is the quick and most efficient alternative to skipping meals, but what are the other benefits of a meal delivery service?



As mentioned before, time is unfortunately a limited resource that nobody can afford to waste. Thankfully, buying meals is much easier than trying to buy back time


With Simply prep, you can order up to 6 healthy meals a day for 7 days, that's a total of 42 hassle free meals delivered to your doorstep with no effort required on your behalf. Every meal is packaged and prepared by our award winning Chef to the highest standard, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality for efficiency. Deliveries take place every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, giving you time to decide your plan without having to worry about one set delivery date.


Money and (dreaded) grocery shopping

Let's be realistic, nobody enjoys grocery shopping. Half of the time, people walk around with a list of 5 or 6 things, and end up taking home a car boot full of food that they will eventually end up throwing away. Not only is it a waste of food, but it's also a waste of money. At Simply prep, it costs only £79.99 to buy our 3 healthy meals a day for 5 days plan.


Compared to your weekly shop, let's say you spend £100 a week, you’re saving around £80 a month on food alone, without even including the money saved on travel and the time and effort saved out of your day. Buying your healthy meals online is the ultimate alternative to impulse buying during grocery shopping.


Cooking and having foods that stick with your dietary needs

Unless you enjoy the entire cooking process, including the preparation and clean up parts, it's fair to say that cooking can be stressful, especially when the end result isn’t as rewarding as you’d hoped it would be.


We recognise this, and through our online service, we can eliminate the cooking process for you all together, buying you back time, money, and hopefully reducing your daily stress levels a little.Our wide range of meals, including breakfast options, lunch meals and treat, ensures that whatever nutritional values you’re looking for, we will provide you with healthy meals that suit your diet. By cooperating with our Chef, a diet plan can be made to coincide with your lifestyle. Whether building up muscle or reducing fat is your aim, through our online service you can buy meals that suits your plan; what you eat is entirely your choice.


The importance of nutrition


Importance of nutrition.

Nutrients are essential to maintaining a healthy body that can work to its maximum capacity.
Nutrition is a term used to describe what the food we eat does inside of our bodies, and
there are six main nutrient groups that can be found within foods. A balance of appropriate
amounts of food from each group is essential to ensuring that our bodies stay healthy and
allow each nutrient to perform its main purpose effectively within our bodies.

What are the 6 main nutrients?

Carbohydrates, Protein, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals and Water are widely regarded as the 6
main nutrients, although some like to group Micro and Macro’s together to make a clearer
plan of which are the most and least important nutrients to incorporate into our diets.
How should we be incorporating these nutrients into our diets?
Of course, we should all be drinking lots of water regardless of whether we are sticking to a
strict dietary plan or not. In the UK, the recommended amount of water is between 6-8
glasses of water per day, and that's just to ensure that our cells perform osmosis effectively,
as too much water or too little can cause cells to burst or shrivel up.
Fats can be found within most foods, but a great example is our own paprika salmon, which
contains 19g of fat.Again for Carbs and Protein, our menu here at Simply Prep provides a
broad range of carb high meals such as our sweet potato wedges which contains 30g of
carbs, and high protein meals such as our Chicken Curry, which contains 38.4g of protein.As
for vitamins and minerals, these can be found within many foods. For example, Fish is high
in vitamin D while many natural foods will be rich in minerals, such as Potassium and

How much of each nutrient is needed to stay healthy?

Unfortunately, like many things to do with dieting and health, the answer is not as simple as
a set number. The real answer is that is depends upon the workout regiment and the weight
of the person. For example, a bodybuilder would need more protein than a normal dieter, but
a smaller body builder would need a vastly different quantity of nutrients to an already
muscular and fit bodybuilder.
The only set recommendation is for water intake, and this is just a rough estimate for the
“average” person. Those who have a higher salt intake need more water than those who eat
very little salt in their diet, so again the nutrient intake really does recommend on everything
you eat, which is where our services come in handy.

How can Simply Prep help me monitor my nutrients intake?

Here at Simply Prep, our main aim is to assist you in creating or maintaining a suitable diet
for your lifestyle. While it's evident here that nutrition can be tricky, our meals are tailor made
to your preferences. Want more vegetables instead of carbs? That’s no problem at all. Want
to ensure you’re meeting your specific protein goal? We can help with that. Whatever your
dietary and nutritional requirements demand, we can help you achieve your goals towards a
healthier and stronger body.

Carbohydrates - Good and Bad


Athletes, bodybuilders and people who practice sport in general understand the crucial role carbohydrates play in their diet. This type of macronutrient is important as it provides the necessary energy our bodies require. However, not all carbohydrate sources are good for your body and goals. The unhealthy carbs are found in fast food, sodas, pastries, candy and sweeteners.


How can we help?
This is where we come with our healthy sources of carbs – white and brown rice, couscous, new and sweet potatoes, and whole-wheat pasta! Which carbs are good and which bad? One way to distinguish between good and bad carbs is by checking their sugar levels. 140 grams of sweet potato wedges have approximately 5 grams of sugar, while milk chocolate candy has more than 70 grams!

Another distinguishing feature of good carbs is that they are normally rich in micronutrients – Vitamins and Minerals. For example, 140 grams of new potatoes contain about 0.50 mg of Vitamin B6 which would make 32% of your daily Vitamin B6 intake. New potatoes are also rich in Vitamin C and they can supply you with 22% of your daily Vitamin C intake.


Complex versus Simple carbs
You might have come across the terms complex and simple carbs. Complex carbohydrates are the good ones discussed in the previous two paragraphs, while the simple ones are the carbs that contain easily digestible sugar in vast amounts. According to surveys conducted by, our consumption of complex carbs is 60% less than what is recommended.

Let’s demonstrate visually which one is complex and which simple. Take one spoon of sugar and another one of rice, pour them into two different saucepans, then fill the saucepans with hot water and wait. The first to mix with the water is a source of simple carbohydrates – let us know if you have any observations.


Generally, your daily amount of good carbs would be 45% to 65% of your total calorie intake. However, this can vary depending on the type of diet you follow, how active you are and your overall goals. One thing to remember is that no matter what targets you have set in place, good carbs will remain the healthiest option for your body and overall results.

The importance of adequate protein for building muscle.


The importance of adequate protein for building muscle

When building muscle mass, it's important to consider your diet and your intake of macronutrients: fat, carbohydrates and protein. Protein intake is one of the most crucial elements of building muscle mass, however the body doesn't store protein like it does carbohydrates and fat, so regular intake and the appropriate quantity size is important.


What does protein do?

Protein has many uses, but it primarily builds muscle and repairs and maintains tissue within the body. The intake of adequate protein ensures that our muscle mass doesn’t decay, and ensures any damage taken to the muscle is repaired and replaced. 


The process of body building through intense training puts great amounts of stress on muscles, meaning bodybuilders are the most prone to muscle damage and tears in tissue, if they do not have enough protein to combat the strain their body is going through.


What if not enough protein is taken, and how much is enough for bodybuilders?

The amount of adequate protein intake depends on the amount of muscle mass you want to build. For bodybuilders and those who are putting their muscles under intense strain, it's recommended that around 1 gram of protein is taken per pound of body weight. 


This may sound like a lot, but torn muscle that isn’t repaired due to lack of protein can lead to lifelong problems, and can cause the risk of further injury.Damaged muscle tissue will begin to decay if it’s not repaired, and so for those who are at the highest risk of muscle damage, an adequate amount of protein is essential to staying healthy.


How can I incorporate an adequate amount of protein into my diet?

During our busy days, it's sometimes difficult to constantly keep track of the nutritional intake in our diets, making the bodybuilding process more complex than just maintaining a steady pattern of exercise. Unfortunately, exercising alone is not enough to ensure muscle mass is maintained and built upon, as our bodies are so reliant upon protein.


Our three stage meals here at Simply Prep ensure that with every meal, your dietary requirements are met. For those who are looking for a carb free meal that’s high in both protein and energy, our selection of flavoured chicken, including Tandoori and Mediterranean herb, containing 35g of protein per every 150g servings, is a perfect way of incorporating protein into your everyday.Alternatively, for those looking for a high energy and protein count along with carbohydrates, our Turkey breast meatballs contain 40g of protein per 150g serving, along with 10g of Carbs and contains 172 kcals.


Meat and fish are the main traditional ways that we can incorporate protein into our diets, but our vegetarian dishes such as our vegetarian chilli and quorn stir-fry, provide 22g and 20g of protein respectively, without these key ingredients. Our chocolate and berry protein pancakes are a great way to incorporate protein into your breakfast, with 31.5g of protein per portion.

Welcome to Simply Prep!


Welcome to Simply Prep! 

So, the importance of a good diet is paramount whether you're a bodybuilder, athlete, personal trainer or just wanting a cleaner healthier life style.

The right amount of macro nutrients are essential for good health, and this is where it can get confusing and complicated aswell as time consuming.

At Simply Prep our ethos is simple, we provide good, clean, healthy, nutritionally balanced meals that taste great!


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