Apple & Oat Crumble


Apple & cinnamon puree with a oat and nut crumble topping

Allergies: dairy, nuts, gluten

Flapjack Bites


Allergies: Dairy, nuts

Mixed Berry Crumble


Allergies: Gluten, dairy, nuts

Summer Fruit dessert


Creamy Greek yoghurt, summer berries, honey & toasted almonds

Allergies: Dairy, nuts

Burrito box chicken


Roast chicken breast, kidney beans, sweetcorn, mixed roast peppers and salsa on a bed of white rice.

Allergies: Legumes, paprika, onions

Burrito Box Vegan


Perfect for lunch or on the go. Kidney beans, sweetcorn, black beans, roast peppers and salsa on a bed of white rice.  High in complete protein and slow releasing carbs. 

Allergies: Lugumes, onions, paprika,

Feeling saucy? BBQ sauce


Allergies: soya, wheat

Feeling saucy? Marinara sauce


Fresh tomato sauce

Allergies: onion, garlic

Feeling saucy? Sweet chilli sauce


Simply Prep Meals Shaker


Chocolate Protein Brownie Chunks


Allergies: wheat, eggs, dairy,

Mint yoghurt dip


Allergies: dairy

Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Brownie Chunks


Allergies: Nuts, wheat, eggs
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